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    CGY is available for both local and long-haul delivery requirements, for full truck loads (FTL), less than a truckload (LTL), refrigerated cargo, for container and vehicle moving.  CGY owns a fleet of cars and mid-sized trucks to accommodate local Air, Ocean and domestic moves.  We have contracts in place to handle larger demands and long-haul demands which allow us to offer extraordinary service at competitive rates.






    Our warehouses are situated in provinces across China. This enables us to reach all of our customers to distribute, package, and store their cargo. At all the major port points our warehouses are bonded and secured to handle international shipping, exporting, and the importing of your cargo to meetthe regulations of customs.

Our service includes the following: 

• Weighing Diming Cargo

• Storing Cargo Short Term/Long Term

• Cross Docking from various equipment
• Blocking and Bracing/Securing Cargo for Export Shipping
• ISPS 15 Skids upon request
• Bonded Warehouses in various provinces
• Packaging Needs
• Bonded Warehouses in different locations
• Custom Crates to fit your cargo
• Palletizing your freight
• Sorting and Distributing

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